5 simple steps to structure your emails, tasks and agenda – Getting started

We all know this stressfull and chaotic mixture of tasks, deadlines, e-mails, meetings, and other work and non-work related things. You have some unfinished todo’s in your head, you still have to reply that email, … . The system explained here will make you worry less, prioritize and remember almost everything. It will save you huge amounts of time; >1day/week for people that currently have no system. This is a complete step by step guide to set up your own ‘system’,  based on proven concepts from different excellent sources. If you currently face problems with organising yourself, using it will impact your life drastically and very positively.

Why do I share this system with you?

If you are like the majority of us, no one has ever explained you about an ‘advanced self-management system’ structurizing your work and life, automatically. The vast majority of us, including myself, was never made aware of the HUGE positive impact of self-organisation. We are not structurally trained for that. Days per week -indeed, that order of magnitude- can be saved.

The system combines the best concepts from uality books authored by Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Gary Keller, Roy Baumeister and many others.

The magic self-management triangle

The system is built around 3 main pillars. Do you want to outperform almost everyone? Just master the ‘self-management trianlgle’ (SMT):

  • Smart inbox management: don’t let e-mails accumulate and structurize them as soon as you can
  • Intelligent task management: limit your TODOs, and gather them all centrally, but intelligently so you can prioritize and don’t drown in a chaos of unfinished tasks
  • The advanced week agenda: plan your week to get things done, while having breathing space and room to cope with the unexpected


Just one warning: it is very simple but not easy. You’ll need will and discipline to succeed. If you are not a good self-manager right now, creating this rather complex habit will take you at least some weeks. On average creating a new habit takes around 67 days (The One Thing, Keller). But isn’t this a very small investment if you can win huge amounts of time for the rest of your days?

Are you ready to take the challenge? Go to Step 1

PS: comment and let me know what you think about this 👇👇👇

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