5 simple steps to structure your emails, tasks and agenda – Step 3: your tasks

Have you read the introduction, Step 1 and Step 2? If not, read those first and then come back.

Step 3: Forgetting and worrying less using intelligent task management


I have seen so many TODO (task) systems! Written notes, notes in Word files, post its sticked on laptops, walls, …

But very few people:

  • Store TODO’s centrally and digitally
  • Categorize their TODO’s according to their roles (see Step 1)
  • Really get things done while not getting demotivated and stressed

I am keeping all my tasks centrally in Evernote and categorize them in the form of separate notebooks. I have them on my PC, in my browser and on my smartphone. You can use another software, but most important is that you can categorize tasks and store them centrally.


Every task is a single note, with the task in the title field. I rarely use the text field for notes (sometimes I paste a url, email, … there). I am keeping 8 task lists, which seems a lot. However, besides easy prioritization, it has some good psychological consequences: task lists never explode in size and the fact that every task is a note and one note does not contain several tasks, you will be able to ‘delete’ tasks (notes) every week, which motivates the animal-me and will motivate the animal-you.

How I use them: every time I am notified of any task I should complete later than this week, I directly add it to my task list. Mostly this happens using my smartphone. More urgent tasks go to the agenda directly (see further). Every Sunday I revise my tasks lists (see further).

How do you know you are managing tasks the right way? Tasks should never accumulate. It’s that simple. Usually I have max 10 tasks per list.

If they do accumulate, it means one of the following:

  • You are not completing them (find the reason and solve the (procrastination) issue)
  • There are tasks on your list that others should do (delegate)
  • Some of the tasks should never be done (press DEL)

Still surviving? What are the problems you face, comments/questions you have??? Curious about your comments! 👇👇👇

A real die hard and ready for the next Step? Go to Step 4

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