The interview with my 93y old grandma

My grandma turned 93 this weekend. I thought ‘time for an interview’. She said ‘wtf! I’m not the kind of person giving interviews, no spotlights for me’. Wrong approach… But as she’s not surfing (I guess), nevertheless I post some of her lessons 🙂

  1. Don’t complain too much. While complaining you are not progressing + you bother other people.
  2. Involve your kids from young age in what you do. They were farmers and it was obvious. She thinks a major challenge today is activating the young people. Not that it is impossible! It might just be more challenging.
  3. When times change, people change. She is not too much lingering in the past. We must proceed, and it is logical people are and live differently now. She thinks everybody today has so much potential to be happy. More than ever. They where happy too, but is was a bit more challenging then. However it seems to be more challenging today because our world is a bit more complex and people’s expectations are high. Satisfaction=perception-expectation.

She’s an iron lady. A monument with mental scars from past storms. This makes old people (93 is old!) so valuable to talk to. Putting their lessons in the current context makes you think, and makes you happy. Do  you agree with her wisdom? Then help spreading her words.

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