A lesson for PhDs

The biggest mistake 👨‍🎓PhDs👩‍🎓can make is to confuse 📚expertise with 💪 experience. Many do. When they do, they expect too much when making a career switch, leading to disappointments at many fronts. Why is that a threat? Because there are too many essential skills you did not learn or cultivate during your PhD study.

It’s like only training your arms every day, but neglecting the rest of your body. If it were the body, you would notice it. The problem is that it happens invisibly in the brain. But here’s the good news: realise that upon finishing your PhD, you are one of those few at the global level with that level of domain expertise. So combine humility and openmindedness with that, and the magic can happen. It’s a pattern I’ve seen too much to be not true. My 50 cents.

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