Only you can build your life wants to energize and increase the overall happiness and success of knowledge driven people by proven and useful concepts backed up by science and experience.

Sciencepreneurship means continuous learning and directly applying these learnings to succesfully build your life or other businesses.


This is a platform for curious people that want to improve and take more control over their lives, including, but not only entrepreneurs.


I found out that more institutional education and high degrees do not necessarily make life easier. I have seen too many unhappy educated people for that. It’s only you as a person that can build your life, business or whatever dream. No one else, and not a degree. Sometimes practicality is missing or people overthink problems leading to paralysis by overanalysis. It is execution that truly differentiates people. And if you execute based on a lot of multidisciplinary knowledge, you outcompete the vast majority of people.

In my opinion, you have a succesful life if you manage to be succesful in all 3 of the following areas:


  • Reaching your goals, by first figuring out what your goals are,
  • while building and maintaining meaningful relationships, by first starting with your own family and friends,
  • while taking care of your body, your essential hardware

It’s not at all that easy and these fundamental aspects of happiness are not structurally embedded in our educational and working environments. The more complex our world gets, the more we will have to understand, respect and apply the basics of human happiness because our genetic makeup is just stagnant compared to our fast moving society.

Wim Audenaert, PhD – bio

selfieI am Wim Audenaert, a Belgian and founder of 1 year of thinking and a business trip to Las Vegas made me decide to launch this platform. I went from scientist to (wannabe) entrepreneur. It’s way too early to call myself a succesful entrepreneur. Time will tell and I still have to prove myself. I’m just practicing sciencepreneurship quite intensively. But you can learn along with me.

Myself in bullets:

  • Extravert with quite high energy levels
  • MSc and PhD degrees in environmental engineering
  • Proud husband and father of 3 adorable children
  • Co-founder and CEO of process modelling company AM-TEAM
  • Voracious multidisciplinary reader, with psychology as favourite discipline

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