Weekly quote #1 – Easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life

I was reading Tim Ferris’ book ‘Tribe of Mentors’ and discovered this quote which is so true. It became one of my favourite ones and gained importance since I started a business. Hard choices can be so uncomfortable Continue reading “Weekly quote #1 – Easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life”

3 new books I took to Vegas

I always read books while travelling. Combined with the jetlag, it leads to a lot of creativity.

Brought to Las Vegas:

  1. Culture Code – Daniel Coyle: culture is so important and hard to change. Hence start with it early and spend energy on it.
  2. Shoe Dog – Phil Knight: this biography gives you energy and makes every challenge doable
  3. Crushing it – Gary Vaynerchuck: you just have to read this one if you want to be succesful at social media

Have you read any of them? Let me know by commenting!

Why starting a business is not a mission impossible

AS A STATEMENT, from now on I am having a Tom Cruise haircut. Something is impossible only if you think it is. Just watch his movies, and you’ll discover. A business, career, good health or happy family life is no other! Let me know what you think about this statement.

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