The pain and power of being challenged by peers

I just returned from one of the most exciting business events I ever attended. I will explain what made this event so unique and impactful, and what I learned after interacting with 20 driven and passioned entrepreneurs for over two days. The group of entrepreneurs spanned founders with businesses between 500k and 25 mio EUR annual revenue and teams between 5 and >200 people.

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Managing your time and energy: an engineering approach

One of the biggest drivers of happiness is a well managed life. Very surprisingly, it almost gets no attention in education and on work floors. Probably you now start thinking about ‘time-management’, a term everyone is familiar with. However, what is most often neglected and equally important is ‘energy management’. Continue reading “Managing your time and energy: an engineering approach”

3 new books I took to Vegas

I always read books while travelling. Combined with the jetlag, it leads to a lot of creativity.

Brought to Las Vegas:

  1. Culture Code – Daniel Coyle: culture is so important and hard to change. Hence start with it early and spend energy on it.
  2. Shoe Dog – Phil Knight: this biography gives you energy and makes every challenge doable
  3. Crushing it – Gary Vaynerchuck: you just have to read this one if you want to be succesful at social media

Have you read any of them? Let me know by commenting!

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