Weekly quote #2 -Great vision without great people is irrelevant

If you work on a project, if you start a business, if you write a paper, whatever you do with others: you need a vision. Preferably a big one.

You will never reach something big without big vision. But it’s not enough. Great vision without great people and your vision will remain nice words. Great people without great vision and the people will leave.

Since we started hiring people we see 2 groups:

  1. People for which vision and values are important
  2. People that don’t care
    • a) either they never will
    • either they don’t realise the importance yet

I think you need groups 1 and 2b….


Weekly quote #1 – Easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life

I was reading Tim Ferris’ book ‘Tribe of Mentors’ and discovered this quote which is so true. It became one of my favourite ones and gained importance since I started a business. Hard choices can be so uncomfortable Continue reading “Weekly quote #1 – Easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life”

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